Water Tanks

Polyethylene Based Water Tanks

Dubai Polymers Industries is one of the competitive producers of Polyethylene based products in UAE.  Dubai Polymer Industries is equipped with the latest technology and we are able call on technology and experienced personnel covering a wide range of skills relating to plastics and their applications. As Dubai Polymer Industries widening its interests along with increasing its capacity to produce top quality products which comply with all major international and local standards.

Clean & Hygiene

Smooth inner layer resists the existence and prevalence of bacteria, algae, fungus etc and enhance the potability of water.

No Temperature Fluctuation

The black middle layer resist the heat and the water in tank remains cool, specially designed outer layer (uv-stabilizer) off sets the ultra violet rays.

Strong & Secure

Special circular and vertical ribs ensure the resistance against the environmental stress and liquid pressure i.e there won’t be any cracks in the body ensuring longevity.

No Rust No Corrosion

The raw material used in the manufacturing of tanks ensures corrosion and rust free environmental storage.

Vertical Water Storage Tank

You should be confused why there are different variety tanks with the same purpose of water storage. Here comes the important thing in selecting your water tank. You need to choose tanks based on the space available for fitting water tanks. our water tanks are available in the range of 50 gallons to 500 gallons 

Horizontal Water Storage Tank

These light weighted water tanks are designed for easy handling and installation. it is not only convenient to handle but also adaptable to different applications. Such as house holds, irrigation, institutions, and factories etc and suitable for over head and underground applications.