Road Barriers

Robust Design

Dubai Polymer is one of the leading manufacturer of road barriers, using tough molded UV stabilized Polyethylene. They are easy to carry, transport, store, and put together. It is easily movable by single person into position. The simple molded system allows road barriers to be tightly interlocked for the extra strength, Dubai polymer barrier s can be filled with water for the extra weight and firmness.

Road Barrier Applications

  • Car Parking
  • Road Closure
  • Road Diversion
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Construction/Building sites
  • Boundary wall

Directional Features

  • No surface fixing required 
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Highly visible colours available (Red, White)
  • Used to channel traffic, personnel, or vehicles creating a distinct visible guide
  • Simple locking system enable a two-person operation setup and removal of barriers.

Product Specification

  • Material – UV Stabilized Polyethylene
  • Size – Available in Standard Size 2.0 mtrs
  • Drain Plug – Built in for quick water discharge 
  • Colours – Red, White
  • Weight – When full approximately 600 kgs
  • Height – 800 mm
  • Overall Length – 2 mtrs
  • Overall Base width – 450 mm
  • Water Entry – 2” dia
  • Water Exit – 11/4″ dia