About Us

Our Mission

Dubai Polymer is an experienced manufacturer of polyethylene water tanks, PVC pipes and road barriers in the United Arab Emirates. Being in the industry for almost 20 years the company has a healthy customer base and brand identity. 

The main motto of the company is to assure maximum quality at a realistic price.

Dubai Polymer Industries

Dubai Polymer Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of polythene-based products such as water tanks, PVC pipes, road barriers etc. in the United Arab Emirates. Established in the year 2000, by the utmost interest of Mr. Sunny Joseph in the field of machines and mechanics.
Through the years, the company has grown so far that it operates in different parts of the United Arab Emirates as well as internationally in South Asia with customers spread across different parts of the world. They now, also deal with various other products that include, PVC pipes, road barriers and other polyethylene-based products.