Dubai Polymer For The Innovating Environment

Celebrating 20 years of Excellence

Since we have established in the industry in the year 2000, Dubai Polymer Industries L.L.C is one of the most competitive producers of polyethylene based products like Water Tanks, PVC Pipes & Road Barriers in U.A.E. Dubai Polymer Industries L.L.C is equipped with the latest technology and we are able to call on technology and experienced personnel covering a wide range of skills relating to plastic and their applications. Dubai polymer industries in not only widening its interests but also increasing its capacity to produce top quality products, which comply with all major international and local standards.

Top Quality Delivered

These tanks are made using the molded technology and offer uniformed look to the tank.

Rust - Corrosion Proof

Products are gone through various process in order to verify its rust & Corrosion proof & durable.

Sustainable in all Weather Conditions

advance polymers which are more durable and offering increased life in extreme climates.

Clean & Hygienic

Plastic so far offers hygienic water up to a great extent and it is a leak proof material.

Our Products


Water Tanks

These tanks are useful for a limited volume of the water to store but for the larger volume, steel tank has no alternative so far. Besides leak proof and anti-corrosive quality, these are very light weighted.

Road Barriers

primarily utilized in construction work areas to keep wayward vehicles from hitting workers. They are produced in sections, which are then transported and linked together on site.

PVC Pipes

The PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is used for producing pipes for various municipal and industrial applications. Its light weight, high strength, and low reactivity features make it well-suited to this purpose.

Certified to Maximum Productivity

Standards to ensure Quality

Quality inspection part done by the company in pipe manufacturing to ensure the pipe size and internal wall thickness is maintained according to the industry standards.


Some of Our Important Clients